DIY Himmeli-esque Wreath

I made a wreath!

Himmeli-esque Wreath

Isn’t it look cool enough to hang in the house?

Himmeli has been getting a lot of attention lately and for good reason. Everything about it- the minimalistic vibe, geometric shapes, metallic finishes- is on trend. I wish I could order one of everything from an Etsy shop.

Mandi at Vintage Revivals made a great tutorial for a himelli-inspired wreath. She, quite cleverly, used cocktail straws and floral wire. I wanted something with a bit more heft to it and sourced 1/4″ copper tubing (used for refrigerator water lines) from the hardware store. You can get a 50′ coil for $30.

Copper tubings for immeli-esque Wreath

The wreath is made up of 105 pieces.  I cut them with our pipe cutter and each was 5″ long.  This part took approximately two episodes of ‘Parenthood’.  The cutting wasn’t difficult but watching the horrible Julia/Joel storyline was.

Arranging tubes for himmeli-esque wreath

I used 18 gage hanger aluminium wire. It was pretty stiff and I think going with 20 gage might make all the bends a little neater.  This is a pretty sturdy wreath though and the copper tubes need something strong.  I would imagine 22 or 24 gage wire would be too flimsy.

Copper Tubbing Wreath

The aluminium wire is visible but not unsightly. I considered using copper wire but it was quite a bit more expensive.

Final Himmeli-esqus wreath