Headed in the Right Direction

Sigh. Here is what the backyard looks like right now.

As I mentioned before, we are gearing up for a lawn transformation.  This weekend was spent gathering some information and doing a little shopping for the project.

Luke and I measured the lawn so we’d have a better idea of how much seed and fertilizer are neccessary.  We also mapped out the low spots that will need more soil.  After months of complete dryness, it actually rained on us as we went out to work- thus my hat.Well of course Milo needed his hat.And Levi, too (also a homemade fishing pole)It’s going to be a huge job!It was a little tricky figuring out exactly how much soil we were going to need.  Luke went and picked up half a cubic yard to spread in a few areas to give us a better feel for what will be required.  Levi could not have been more pleased to be outside with his Daddy and his shovel instead of inside resting during quiet time.

I would love to hear from you.

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