‘Dipped’ Kitchen Chairs

With visions of eventually having a long kitchen table, I spent the past year keeping my eye out at thrift stores, garage sales, etc. for solid wooden chairs. With a grand total of $18 dollars invested, I ended up with this homely grouping:

They work just fine for eating popsicles in the drive-way but did not live up to the vision I had for my kitchen.I spent a hot Saturday morning scrubbing and sanding them down.I pulled them into the backyard and set them on some plastic sheathing.  Then using a friend’s paint sprayer I gave them first two coats of primer and then three light coats of white semi-gloss latex paint.  After that I left them outside for three days to cure up nice and hard.  Helping the curing process?  The fact that it has been a billion degrees here.

After that I brought them inside and taped off the legs at 8″ from the base.  They all got a color dip look by coating the legs with glossy black paint.Here is the group in it’s current fresh and eclectic state of being.It’s like they are sporting some sassy black boots.They’ve been in use for a couple weeks now and so far so good.  I’ve successfuly scrubbed off red velvet cake, marinara sauce, and salad dressing.I think my favorites are the old wooden school chairs.And would you check out that table!More about it later, I promise.   

6 thoughts on “‘Dipped’ Kitchen Chairs

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  2. These are so awesome! I’ve never seen dipped legs before but they tie the chairs together amazingly – the old school chair looks like its come out of a swedish design house :)

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