Play Us a Song

I am so excited. Look at what is now sitting in our great room right this very moment:

The wood!  The modern lines!  So pretty.I took piano lessons throughout most of my childhood.  Lucas has an interest in learning to play and thought he would take lessons alongside the boys when they got a little older.  We had been somewhat keeping our eye on craisglist and the pianos listed on there.  I saw this one listed yesterday afternoon and two hours later we were loading up our various furniture dollies and straps and heading to pick it up.  It is in need of tuning, has a few small nicks, and a pedal that needs repairing, but the purchase price?  $75.00.  Yes, you read that correctly.
The man we bought if from helped Luke load it into our pick-up and then later that night my kind and strong father-in-law and his kind and strong friend, John, drove 45 minutes down to our house to unload it.  Yes, I know how blessed I am.

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