Sugar Sugar Terrarium

Terrariums abound in internet land and I finally got around to putting a couple together for us to enjoy.  It was easy and fun and they turned out to be quite charming if I do say so myself.

I wasn’t expecting the trip to our local nursery to be a highlight of this project but it was.  The boys and I had so much fun exploring.  The nursery had a large section of small plants especially for terrariums and fairy gardens.  It was adorable.  I squealed a little bit at the display.

Tiny, wee plants!

The first layer was some rocks.  After that, a sprinkling of activated charcoal (also purchased at the nursery) to inhibit moldiness.  It was all topped off with potting soil and the plants.

I finished it off with some more rocks as decoration and some preserved moss.I also tucked in a few treasures like a couple old skeleton keys and a brooch.

This is the one made especially for my boys.

Back up, I think he’s gonna charge!

I did have some condensation problems with the taller terrarium and now just keep the lid off.  It does fine.  We made these about a month and a half ago and they still look good.  I just give them a little water when things look dry.

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