Creating Free Personalized Word Art

word cloud

Word Cloud Green


Typography is big right now and I know I’m among the many who are enjoying all the attention it’s getting. While searching around online I was very pleased to come across a site that enables me to quickly make attractive and personalized word art for free.

At, users upload a list or passage of words and the site arranges them into a word cloud. You can choose from many different shapes as well as different colors and fonts. Beyond generating prints suitable for hanging and gift-giving, I can visualize using these word clouds for report covers, blog banners, and personalized thank-you cards. The site has an extensive gallery to peruse for inspiration.

To make the word cloud shown above, I first typed up a list of about 100 words that describe my preschooler’s life at the moment. I saved this document as a text file (.txt). At I clicked on the ‘Create’ tab at the upper right of the page. After clicking on ‘Load’ and uploading my file I started playing around with the different available options. This is what you have to work with:

Theme– Choose your color scheme.
Font– Choose your font.
Orientation– Your words can be all vertical, all horizontal, or in a random array of angles.
Shape– There are many shapes that your word cloud can take and tagxedo even lets you upload custom ones. Keep in mind that you need to upload a big list of words for more intricate shapes to look detailed. The ones I created were relatively small lists and looked best in simple shapes like an oval or rectangle.

After you are happy with how your word cloud looks just save the file and print it out.

A few things to keep in mind:
-The relative size of an individual word is related to how many times it occurs. When I was making the star print for my son, I listed ‘Levi’ fifteen times. The smaller sized words were listed only once. The medium sized words were listed 5 times.

-If you want two words to remain together, join them with a tilde (~). For example: blue~eyes will ensure ‘blue’ and ‘eyes’ are not separated from each other in the cloud.

-You do not have control over exact word placement but clicking on ‘Layout’ under the ‘Respins’ category will shuffle the current word arrangement around. Just keep doing this until you find a pleasing arrangement.

-The end product has a ‘’ label positioned in the bottom right corner. If using the word cloud online I would leave it and give credit where credit is due. For the prints on my walls, however, I used a photo-editing software to erase this marker.

It only took 20 minutes to make my first print and I had lots of fun doing it. I hope you do as well!

Personalised wood art
I made this one for my husband describing our story so far. I wanted to display it in this 16″x16″ frame so instead of using our home printer I sent it out to be processed where we usually get our photos done.


Personalized wood art
I made all of our nieces and nephews personalized prints as part of their Christmas presents this year.