Frugal Fabric Wall Art

You know what’s nice? Not having to settle or sacrifice style even when you go the frugal route.

I wanted a large-scale, black and white, graphic piece to display on the accent wall in the front room. At first I was picturing a black and white framed photograph in that space. The other walls will have lots of frames and glass so to balance it out I started to lean toward a canvas of some kind. Nothing I looked around at interested me and even if it did, the large scale canvases were priced beyond what we wanted to spend.

I remembered some yardage I had picked up at IKEA on a trip to Chicago with my sis-in-law ages ago. I dug it out of my fabric stash and found that the pattern size was the perfect scale. Lucas used some 1x framing pieces, his nail gun, and corner clamps and whipped me up a simple custom frame. We stapled the fabric onto the frame and voila:

We recently snagged this dresser for a song on Craigslist. I liked the lines but also that it was only 18 inches deep. Perfect for this wall which is along a traffic pattern.

I know it's one of the little projects but this newly installed 3-way switch makes me very happy. Luke and his Dad did some electrical work in this room on Saturday.

This is better than flowers or chocolate any day. Well, it's better than flowers (not that those aren't great) but I guess it might be the same greatness as getting chocolate. I do love chocolate.

I used Luke's staple hammer to affix the fabric to the frame. At first I was staple hammering in a gingerly fashion but that just resulted in staples sticking out wonkily. Luke urged me on saying, "Commit to it!!" and then I showed those staples who was boss.

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