Christmas, the Second

My parents along with my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew flew in from Boston on the day after Christmas. It was so nice to be together for the holiday and also to celebrate my Mom’s retirement. She is starting a new chapter this new year. I’m very excited for her- and for me. I’ll get to see much more of her!

My nephew, Roebin, and my brother, Joel, playing with the marble run.  Roebin eyed me somewhat suspiciously the first day or so.IMG_2730

Levi, teaming up with his uncle on the game that was tops during our visit: ‘Monopoly Deal’.  We also taught Mom and Lea and Ryan how to play ‘Settlers of Catan’.  She claimed to be confused about the Sheep and Lumber but then she beat everybody.


Roebin did not have much of an appetite for most of the visit.  This changed the night we had Oklahoma Joe’s for carry-out, though.  He got serious about the brisket.


I don’t get to see my little sis very often and it was SO good to be with her.
Don’t even get me started on this cuteness.
After they left, I found matchbox cars lined up all over the house.
Sunday night the kiddos watched a movie and had a sleep-over at our place.  The guys went out for Korean food and to watch ‘The Hobbit’.  The ladies had dinner, did a craft, and got henna tattoos.
Monday a group went skating in the afternoon. How sweet are Ruby and Levi, holding hands? I wish I had pictures from the outing later that night- Joel and Kelly arranged to rent a gym and set up an indoor soccer game. Ryan and Lucas said they were feeling their age after the match!


Happy Holidays!

(Here’s the end of my little blog sabbatical. I don’t want to miss documenting too much of our family life as now even the kids like looking back at posts and remembering. Blogger has been increasingly difficult to work with- I may be migrating more of our family posts to this blog.)

Christmas Eve, 2014


Christmas Eve service.


Christmas morning at my dear in-laws home.  Two excited little boys!
Cinnamon rolls, books, cross-word puzzles, and legos.
Grandma D. hosted a lovely Christmas lunch. Great food, wonderful people.

Music, Lately

These songs have been pretty heavily represented in my playlists lately:

I Bet My Life, by Imagine Dragons

I’m a fan of this band and this song is very Imagine Dragonish.  However, it was just released a couple of weeks ago and I’ve already heard it in a car commercial and in a TV show so I hope it doesn’t take over.  (I’m looking at you, ‘Happy‘)

Always Gold, by Radical Face

Holes, by Passenger. (radio version)

Greater, by Mercy Me

You’ll Be Okay, by A Great Big World

(This isn’t the official or a lyric video but I was mesmerized by the signing)

Here is the current state of affairs in the great room:


This summer I finished the couch slip cover!  Let me guess- you are thinking, “Amber!  You started that slip cover 20 months ago.  Why are you in such a hurry?”

I can’t help it.  I’m just an over-achiever like that.


I also sewed up some throw pillows.


The one in the front is made from a cloth napkin from Crate & Barrel. The one in the rear is a lovely silk one my mom got for me.


I made these pillows from a great piece of fabric I picked up at an antique mall. It said it was hand-woven in Guatemala.


These, too, are made from cloth napkins.


Things on the wall:


More things:


Our Summer- Month 1

Brief recap of the first month of summer break:

Pool pass!  (That’s Levi in the bright orange swim shirt)

photo 4
Lemonade stand!
photo 2
Cherry picking!
Fun with cousins!
photo 3
photo 5
Girls weekend! (I spent a weekend in Chicago with my best friend and we pretty much looked like this the entire time.)
hphoto 1
Community garden!
photo 2
Vacation Bible School! (They’ve been to two so far.)
photo 1
My birthday!
photo 1
All the parks!
photo 4